About Us


In this Pearlraleigh restaurant blog, we are trying to discuss Chinese recipes with the step-by-step procedure.

I Love all the Chinese recipes so I decided to share useful and informative information related to these recipes.

I am always interested to learn something new and special about Chinese recipes and to do it in a practical way.

What Is Pearlraleigh Restaurant and Why I Created This Blog?

I created this informative blog to share some important tips with all Chinese recipe lovers.

In these blogs, I try to explain all the preparation procedures step by step so that anyone can cook these all foods.

In this blog, we will discuss the following Chinese recipes,

1) Chicken Egg Role

2) Shrimp Role

3) Spring Roll

4) Steam Dumpling

5) Fried Vegetable Dumpling

6) Fried Wonton

Our team will definitely write all these topics in a simple way with their preparation.

So Don’t Worry

Now I will answer the questions that are asked frequently about me as a writer.

  • My Name is Jason Smith.
  • I am a Writer, and My age is 25 years.
  • I love attending different Chinese recipe online workshops to learn.
  • I have three friends, and they also work at Pearlraleigh Blog.
  • I have created this blog to share Chinese recipes for famous Chinese food like Chicken Egg Role, Shrimp Rol, Fried Wonton, and Steam Dumplings.