What tools and equipment do you need for Chinese restaurant cooking?


Chinese cooking requires the proper tools and equipment in addition to ingredients and recipes. The correct tools not only improve the flavour of your food but also speed up the cooking process. This is a detailed list of all the equipment needed for cooking in Chinese restaurants.

1.Pans and Woks
4.Cooking Rice
5.Boards for Chopping and Knives

Pans and Woks

At the centre of Chinese cookery is the wok. This multipurpose pan makes stirring and tossing food easy with its high, sloping sides. For frying, stir-frying, and deep-frying, non-stick woks are perfect. A cast-iron skillet is among the many cookware that come in handy for different Chinese cooking methods.


A chef’s knife from the West is not the same as a Chinese cleaver. It’s more substantial and heavier, which makes it ideal for effortlessly slicing through veggies and bones. It will be used to prepare vegetables, poultry, and meats.


Chinese cooking frequently uses steaming to preserve the minerals and natural flavours of food. A steamer made of bamboo or stainless steel is necessary for traditional dishes such entire fish, buns, and dumplings.

Cooking Rice

Chinese food is primarily made with rice, therefore having a decent rice cooker is essential. It guarantees consistently cooked and fluffy rice, freeing you up to concentrate on other elements of your dinner.

Boards for Chopping and Knives

Invest on good knives and durable cutting boards. Chinese cooking frequently calls for deft knife skills, so having the appropriate equipment can ensure both safety and accuracy.

Colanders and Strainers

For jobs like cleaning veggies, draining noodles, and straining broths and soups, strainers and colanders are essential. They are essential in a Chinese kitchen and available in a variety of sizes.

Sauce Dispensers for Soy

One of the main flavours in Chinese food is soy sauce. Make sure you don’t overuse soy sauce on your food by using a dispenser with a controlled pour.

Steamers made of bamboo

A typical utensil for steaming veggies, buns, and dumplings is a bamboo steamer. They are a wonderful addition to your kitchen and give your dishes a distinct scent.

Knife Spatula

A wok’s curved shape is intended for use with a wok spatula. It is simpler to stir-fry and toss ingredients without spilling them over the edges because to its long handle and flat edge.

Chinese Ladles for Soup

Chinese soups and broths, which are frequently served, are made easier to serve with these ladles because of their bigger capacity.


Tongs come in handy for a number of chores, like plating foods and flipping meat. They are also very adaptable. For long-lasting, heat-resistant tongs, see.

Bamboo Sticks

Kebabs and other skewered meals require bamboo skewers. They give your culinary masterpieces a genuine touch.

Pouring Moulds

If you enjoy dumplings, owning moulds will make it easy for you to make consistently shaped, exquisite dumplings.


Success in the realm of Chinese restaurant cooking requires the proper tools and equipment. The correct tools, from classic woks to adaptable utensils, guarantee that you can easily prepare authentic and delectable Chinese cuisine.

With this extensive list of necessary materials for cooking Chinese food at restaurants, you may confidently start your culinary adventure and produce delicious, authentic Chinese cuisine.

Answers to Common Questions

What is the one gadget that every Chinese kitchen needs?

Because it can be used for so many different cooking methods, the wok is perhaps the most essential item in a Chinese kitchen.

I don’t need a Chinese cleaver; can I just use an ordinary knife?

Although a conventional knife can be used for similar purposes, a Chinese cleaver is highly recommended for authentic Chinese cooking as it is made for specialised functions in Chinese cuisine.

Why do Chinese chefs favour bamboo steamers so much?

Bamboo steamers are recommended because they preserve the inherent flavours and textures of ingredients while adding a distinctive aroma to food.

When making Chinese food, do I need a rice cooker?

While a rice cooker is practical and guarantees precisely cooked rice, if you are adept at keeping an eye on things, you can also cook rice in a conventional pot.

Where can I get these Chinese kitchen utensils and tools?

These products are available at specialty Asian shops, internet marketplaces, and kitchen supply stores that serve Chinese cuisine.

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